WATCH: Baby born with her heart growing OUTSIDE of her chest

Vanellope Hope Wilkins was expected to be born on Christmas Eve this year But she had to be born prematurely by caesarean section on November 22 .The condition is ectopia cordis, it was discovered during a scan after 9 weeks. It really showed her heart and part of her stomach were growing on the outside. Experts say they don't know of a case in the UK where a baby has survived it. Her partner Dean Wilkins said: 'We were told our best bet was to terminate and my whole world just fell to bits.'
Miss Findlay added: 'All the way through it, it was 'the chances of survival are next to none, the only option is to terminate, we can offer counselling', and things like that. 'In the end, I just said that termination is not an option for me. If [death] was to happen naturally, then so be it.'