Is This The REAL LIFE MERMAID? Isang Kakaibang Sanggol Ang Isinilang Na Kinagulat Ng Lahat

Dr Sudip Saha, child specialist at the hospital said: 'I had never seen such a baby before. It is the first case of Sirenomelia in the state and second in the country. 'The baby had normal formation in upper part of the body but below the waist its legs were fused together. The lower part was not developed completely. 'We learnt the mother had not undergone ultrasound sonography throughout gestation. 'The parents are a labour couple and had not sought proper medication during pregnancy due to lack of money. 'Lack of proper nutrition and improper blood circulation to the baby from mother can create this kind of abnormality in foetus. Unfortunately such babies do not survive.'