A Popular Chinese Social Media Influencer and rooftop climber dies in 62-storey fall

A very well-known Chinese climber popular on social media has died while performing one of his trademark daredevil skyscraper stunts. Wu Yongning had amassed millions of followers on the social network Weibo for his very dramatic short videos showing him dangerously perched atop tall buildings without any safety equipment. Fellow rooftopper Charlie_7U posted a photo taken with Mr Wu, saying: "He went a bit over the top, always trying things that are beyond his ability". "I have even saved him once... we stopped playing together," he added. Another user asked: "Why would you seek attention in such a dangerous way, just for your fans? "I became speechless after I found out from news that you were doing all that to pay for your ill mother's hospital treatment. You are one of those people in this world, you will do anything for your loved ones, absolutely anything."